Livermore Taxi    (925) 999-TAXI - Book in 3 Easy Minutes!     Livermore - SFO $99  -  OAK $69
 For Your Money Saving AIRPORT Specials  
   (925)   999-TAXI (8294)
                      Please Note:
         This Is Personal Taxi Service
                    NOT a Shuttle.
  We Will Not Pick Up Other Passengers
            Regardless of the number of passengers
                           the price is the same.
     Express Taxi Service, Less Then Shuttle Prices!
  • No Taxes!
  • No Toll Charges!
  • No Airport Surcharges!
  • No Mandatory Tipping!
  • No Other Fee's, It's Our Guarantee!             24 hr Advance Booking is Required for flat rates
         In Town Service
  • Don't be over charged because the company you called came from out of town
  • Don't be over charged with minimum pick up fees NOT registered with the Livermore Police Department.
  • Never pay after midnight charges.
  • Never worry about out of town drivers that don't know your city.
  • AND Never ever pay any airport surcharge fee
                                                                               If you used our service & enjoyed our Airport rates, we would love to hear what you thought...
     - Livermore Taxi -
  Thank you, in advance.
                        Thanks for visiting!

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